Response Parameters
Paramater Description Data Type
advertiser_id Reference to advertiser object. Integer
amount Amount in home currency. String
contract_id Reference to contract object. Integer
count Int
currency String
currency_exchange_rate Multiplier to convert amount from home currency to display currency Float
date_created Date
date_refunded Date
entered_by_user_id Integer
id Unique id of payment object. Integer
line.amount Amount applied to an invoice String
line.currency_variance Difference lost or gained as a result of the currency conversion. String
line.date_applied Date money was applied to the invoice. Date Unique id of payment to invoice object. Integer
line.invoice_id Reference to invoice object. String
line.payment_id Reference to payment object. String
notes String
type Payment Type ('Cash', 'Check', 'Other') Enum
Example Response
  "date_created":"2013-11-21 12:46:41",
    "date_applied":"2013-11-21 00:00:00"